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Melon 'Minnesota Midget' seedlings

Melon ‘Minnesota Midget’ seedlings

To over-compensate for last year’s disappointing (all right, NON-EXISTENT) harvest, I’m taking my chances with some rather more exotic veg than I’d usually have any right to expect to grow in this neck of the woods.

With a bit of luck, in addition to my usual favourites, a little corner of the south west of Ireland will be playing host to ‘Minnesota Midget’ melons, ‘Kaibi Round No.2’ sweet peppers, ‘De Barbentane’ aubergines, ‘Lemon Drop’ hot citrus chili peppers and, um, ‘exploding cucumbers’. All courtesy of The Real Seed Catalogue in the UK (and my better half, who gave me a big, beautiful box full of their seeds for Christmas).

Exploding cucumber

Exploding cucumber

Over the next while, I’ll post more information on sowing and growing them. Right now, they’re all ensconced in pots in my hot press, where it’s nice and cozy. Already, the melons have rewarded me by peeping through in just four days. Because they’re only semi-domesticated, some of the chili seeds will always be dormant, so I was probably a bit over-optimistic sowing only two. Might pop off and do a few more now…


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