While you were eating…


ripening tomsSorry to interrupt you while you’re eating, but…Most gardeners love September. It’s the time your harvest really starts coming together – sure, August sees the beginning of all your favourite gluts,but you spend half the time worrying about blight or who’s going to water while you’re on holidays. In September, it often feels like the only thing you need to worry about is whether all your tomatoes will ripen on time.

But what about those leeks you’ve left to their own devices since you planted them out forever ago? Or the brussels sprouts and winter cabbages languishing under the Cabbage White-proof netting? If you haven’t checked up on them recently, now’s the time – there’s a good chance your brassicas are harbouring the offspring of a few sneaky cabbage whites, despite your best efforts. And slugs really appreciate the shade offered by cabbages left to their own devices…

Speaking of shade – now is the time to get busy pulling up the weeds that are probably beginning to look a little more plentiful in the empty spaces where your summer crops used to be. Get them before they can set seed and you’ll save yourself a lot of work next spring.

So while you’re out picking produce, don’t forget to take a little bit of time to pick a few lurking pests and weeds.



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